Wailoa Center is happy to announce the soft reopening of its Main Gallery on

July 6 th with what we are calling a Pop-Up Gallery Series. Artists island wide have signed up to create their own exhibit in one of the ten alcoves in the upstairs gallery for either a one- or two-week stint throughout July, August and part of September. Each artist is offered the space at no charge and will be on site daily, in the gallery, to represent their own art. The artists are encouraged to work on their creations and conduct demonstrations, so the visitors can see art in action. Each week a new set of artists will move in and change the dynamics in the upstairs space.
Codie King, Wailoa Center’s coordinator says, “Many mediums and genres will be represented. It is all about artists reconnecting with the public and with other artists despite these crazy times. I’m excited for them.” Island artists who have committed to the Pop-Up Gallery concept so far, are Joy Ray, Bailey Ferguson, Gina Hartig Williams, Chris Butcher, Susan Champeny, Chris Benders, Sam Sailor, Raven Abrams, Dover Abrams, Alex Carson, Karrianne Warren, Patrick Warren, Gerdine Marcus, Danielle Preston, Michael Olson, Suzanne Davey, Christa Kadarusman, Keanu Wilson, Esther Domian, Leonie Caron, Moses Kealamakia, Boots Lupenui, Jeffrey Kurash, Lockey White, Tommy Atkins, Grace Dexter-Jones, Z.G. Tong, Peter Honeyman, Brianne Bishop and Jean Lounglas.

If you are an artist/craftsman, have the time and want to participate in your own pop-up gallery, please send a request to wailoa@yahoo.com.

200 Piopio Street, Hilo, Hawai'i 96720  -  808.933.0416  - wailoa@yahoo.com

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