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10x10x10 Artist Challenge is just that, a challenge. Using eight materials, one material of each artist’s choice and any kind of fasteners, artists must create an installation piece to fill one bay at Wailoa Center.


Read below for more specifics on the parameters for the challenge. 

There are eight materials on the list that are very specific.  Artists may use as much of the product as they want or as little as they want, but they must use all eight of these materials in some way. These eight materials are kept a secret until the artist agrees to do the challenge.


Fasteners are flexible and include anything that is used to fasten one thing to another. Past artists have been very creative in defending an object as a connector/fastener.


The "Artist Choice” must be only one specific material. It cannot be a "family of materials" for example “fabric” in general.....if you wanted to use fabric like blue denim; you can only use blue denim, not blue denim and blue silk. 

This challenge is designed as an “installation” for a very specific space. Each artist will be given a nearly identical space. The spaces will be partially separated by a hanging 4’x8’ white panel on both sides.

Interested in 2024 10x10x10?

Send application to

with the following:

*A short bio*

*Why you want to do this challenge*

*Images of your current work (optional)*

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